Spring 2018 Updates from AVP Dr. Susan Thomason

Greetings and welcome to the Spring 2018 semester!

December marked one year since the reorganization that merged instructional services under the Teaching and Learning Excellence Division (TLED). Over the last 12 months, we have been working to improve, expand, and enhance the services and resources we provide to support faculty, students, and staff. These efforts have included changes in the way areas are organized, revisions in position descriptions, expansion of services, review of technologies – both instructional and operational, and alignment of our work to improve access and engagement.

Below is a sampling of work that is currently underway in our area. Each project or initiative listed is being carried out in partnership with other ACC departments to ensure we have broad collaboration and communication channels. We will continue to provide updates throughout the semester, but feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

May you have an engaging and successful Spring semester!

-Susan M. Thomason (Susy)

Spring 2018 Update

Office of Curriculum Development

  • New College Scheduling Software Implementation
  • Develop Online College Catalog with integration of Program Maps and assign a Process Holder
  • Hire new Scheduling Coordinator

Office of Distance and Alternative Learning

  • Online Course Redesign Academy Offerings (OCRA) based on Quality Matters design
  • Competency-Based Education Program Development
  • Hire LMS/Blackboard Coordinator

Office of Articulation and University Relations

  • Hosting the second University Summit with partner institutions to discuss program maps and alignment of transfer programs. (April 2018)
  • Negotiating a regional University Summit to discuss curriculum alignment for seamless transfer (Summer 2018)

Office of Faculty and Instructional Development

  • Hire new Dean of Faculty and Instructional Development
  • Faculty Fellows and Digital Fellows Program Offerings
  • Planning Initiatives – Faculty Onboarding Task Force, Faculty Evaluation Task Force, Faculty and Staff Recognition Committee
  • Faculty Management Series – Department Chair Training
  • ACAP (Austin Competency Analysis Profiles) for Global Studies and African American Studies
  • Faculty Academies and Training for Dual Credit, Teaching and Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, etc.
  • Redesign Adjunct Faculty and Full-Time Faculty Onboarding
  • Faculty idea incubator – Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Reorganization – Instructional Support Specialists to help faculty with use or development of instructional media
  • Support for Spring and Fall Faculty CRAM Sessions, Summer Summit, Open Forums, Convocation, and other programs – Faculty Senate

Office of Service Learning

  • Develop training and related handbook for Service Learning faculty and students
  • Grow the number of organizations participating in service learning placements

Office of Cooperative Education and Internships

  • Develop training and related handbook for Internships and Co-Op Experiences
  • Expand the number of participants in placements
  • Align resources with Office of Career and Transfer Services

ACC Library Services

  • New shared-governance committee on Instructional Resources and Textbooks
  • Open Educational Resources Training
  • Review and development of technology literacy programs for students

Instructional Technology

  • Classroom installations and replacements (ongoing)
  • Web redesign for Areas of Study Websites
  • TLED Faculty Web Portal – Version 3.0
  • Reorganization – new Instructional Web Services Group
  • Reorganization – Expand support for web-conferencing and event technology services

TLED Division Leadership

  • TLED Management will participate in ongoing training and professional development on Equity and Inclusion
  • Lead efforts and collaborate with faculty and staff leaders to establish a Culture of Innovation based on the needs of ACC under the college’s Strategic Plan
  • TLED Management will collect data and report impact of services and programs
  • Continue integration of communication strategies for faculty support and services
  • Work with Faculty Leaders to continue development of the Faculty Experience and Career Map
  • Planning redesign of Faculty Resource Centers (FRCs) to create more inviting “Teaching and Learning Innovations Commons” with on-site support by Instructional Designers, Resident Faculty and Instructional Support Specialists

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