Please click on the links below to view the Welding Department syllabi:

NDTE 1405: Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing

NDTE 2401: Advanced Ultrasonics

NDTE 2411: Preparation for Certified Welding Inspector Exam

WLDG 1337: Introduction to Welding Metallurgy

WLDG 1401: Metalsmithing

WLDG 1405: Art Metals

WLDG 1408: Metal Sculpture

WLDG 1413: Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders

WLDG 1417: Introduction to Layout and Fabrication

WLDG 1427: Welding Codes and Standards

WLDG 1428: Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding

WLDG 1430: Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding

WLDG 1434: Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

WLDG 1435: Introduction to Pipe Welding—API 1104

WLDG 1457: Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc Welding

WLDG 1476: Applied Metals Design

WLDG 1477: Coppersmithing

WLDG 1478: Architectural Hardware

WLDG 1479: Functional and Sculptural Forging

WLDG 2179: Welder Qualification

WLDG 2431: Advanced Blueprint Interpretation and Cost Analysis

WLDG 2435:  Advanced Layout and Fabrication

WLDG 2440: Advanced Metal Sculpture

WLDG 2441: Powerhammer

WLDG 2450: Orbital Tube Welding

WLDG 2451: Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

WLDG 2453:  Advanced Pipe Welding– ASME Section IX

WLDG 2471: Structural Connections

WLDG 2476: Layout and Fabrication: Furniture  NOW WLDG 1417 Intro to Layout and Fabrication

WLDG 2477: Toolmaking

WLDG 2478: Advanced Metalsmithing


Continuing Education Courses:

WLDG 1000: Introduction to Welding

WLDG 1043: Intermediate Arc Welding