Boost Your Produce

Coming in September – Boost Your Produce is a six week incentive program to help you eat more fruits and vegetables. Fun individual and group activities, cooking demonstrations, and a chance to earn a petite cutting board.  The program runs September 18-October 29. Registration opens in late August. Check back for more details.

Wellness Journey

Read how ACC employees are improving their lives by adopting healthier habits. We hope you’ll be inspired by the changes they’ve made in their lives.

Blanca Estela Lara

Campus: South Austin
Job: Science Technician
What health behavior did you change?

I made exercise a regular activity (5-6 times/week) and I changed my eating habits (ate mostly home cooked meals).

What inspires you to continue on your wellness journey?
My inspiration to continue on this wellness journey is my son. He is a teen and very athletic. He also loves the outdoors, so I want to have the energy and strength to keep up with him doing some of the activities he enjoys such as swimming, hiking, and working out. I also want to lead by example, so that he can see that exercise and healthy eating habits are essential at every stage of our lives. He has noticed the change and is very proud of me…especially proud that I now have biceps. He is motivated to do the same.
Find out how Blanca made these changes.   Share YOUR own success story here.