Wellness on Campus

“Who They Are and What They Do”

Each ACC campus has a wellness team leader(s). They are your connection to activities happening on site. Please contact them with questions about classes or other wellness related activities or to make suggestions.

Campus Wellness Team Leaders

Gina Akin, Employee Wellness Coordinator, gina.akin@austincc.edu, 512-223-7577

Campus Team Leader(s) Phone Number Email
CYP Charlee Knight 512-223-2004 carol.knight@austincc.edu
 Beth Prickett  512-223-2005  beth.prickett@austincc.edu
ELG Saeed Sallemikia 512-223-9422 ssallemi@austincc.edu
EVC Ann Palmer 512-223-5172 apalmer@austincc.edu
 Kim Taylor  512.223.5936  ktaylor@austincc.edu
HYS Melissa Brown 512-262-6504 mbrown@austincc.edu
HBC Georgia Branch 512-223-7091 gbranch@austincc.edu
 Nicole Bell  512.223. 7997  nbell2@austincc.edu
HLC Deborah Morales 512.223.7445 dmoreales@austincc.edu
HLC  Syliva Thomas  512.223.7277  scardiel@austincc.edu
NRG AnaMarisa Rendon 512-223-4982 ajuarez@austincc.edu
PIN Ciera Johns 512-223-8088 ciera.johns@austincc.edu
RGC Sonia Stewart 512-223-4026 sstewart@austincc.edu
 Sylvia Flores  512.223.3003  boflores@austincc.edu
RRC Janelle Townsel 512-223-0041 janelle.townsel@austincc.edu
RVS Dan Ho 512-223-6249  tan.ho@austincc.edu
Michelle Escudier 512-223-6308 michelle.escudier@austincc.edu
SAC Laura De La Rosa 512-223-9101 ldelaros@austincc.edu
Laura Huerta Tabor 512-223-9191 ltabor@austincc.edu
Peg Raiford 512-223-9187 raiford@austincc.edu
SVC Kathy Hagler 512-223.1169 thagler@austincc.edu

Role of the Wellness Team Leader:

  • Helps create and implement wellness activities and initiatives at their campus in collaboration with the employee wellness coordinator.
  • Provides a focal point for disseminating information to employees on their campus
  • Attends campus wide wellness meetings held 3x/year

For more information, contact Gina Akin, 512-223-7577.

*Wellness Activities can be anything from workshops, lunch and learns,
health support groups, healthy competitions, wellness carnivals,etc.