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Interested in a career in Information Technology but don’t know which path is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. Would you enjoy installing computers or supporting an organization’s computer system? Are you more of the creative type? Would you enjoy the challenge of creating or testing code? Designing, developing, managing and supporting computer software, hardware, and networks, are all options in the IT field. Try our interactive tool below to explore the possibilities.

IT Needs Women Like You

According to the US Census Bureau, women make up nearly 50% of the workforce but only hold about 25% of IT positions. Research has shown that a gender-diverse workplace can prove advantageous for a company’s bottom line. What does that mean to you? Companies are looking for women to fill tech positions. Explore the IT careers available by using our interactive tool below and take the first step toward realizing your dream of a stable, well-paying career in IT.

Get From Here To Career

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s, August 2015 job report, 19% of all available job openings were IT-related – nearly 8,700 postings! You know the job opportunities are out there, but you might not know what a career in IT is all about. The Women in IT program offers 5 certificate plans and 4 Associates of Applied Science degree plans in one of 4 career paths: Computer User Support, Networking, Programming & Web Development. Try our interactive tool below to see which IT career is right for you.

“It might not be easy, but once you make the decision to do it, just go and never look back.”

Keelee, Senior Programmer Analyst

Which IT career should you choose?

Computer User Support

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you interested in how things work? Like to learn new things?

A career in Computer User Support might be for you. This isn’t your boring, do the same thing every day, kind of job. You might install computers or assist with technical support for software issues. You may provide technical assistance to computer users in person, over the phone, or electronically.


Do you like helping people? Enjoy assembling things? Like working with your hands?

A career in Networking might be for you. Organize, install and support an organization’s computer system. Set up security for computer users and networks. Ensure the day-to-day operations.


Do you like solving puzzles? Enjoy games of logic? Like challenging yourself?

A career in Programming might be for you. Turn designs created by software designers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. Test code to ensure program is producing expected results. Find and correct missing/bad code.

Web Development

Do you enjoy being creative? Like solving puzzles? Do you appreciate design?

A career as a Web Developer might be for you. Design and creative beautiful, responsive websites. Ensure technical aspects, such as performance, capacity and speed. Maximize the users experience through thoughtful design.

Database Administration

Are you detail oriented? Do you enjoy organizing? Are you dependable?

A career in Database Administration might be for you. You’ll use your analytical thinking skills to figure out how a system should work and how changes in the future will affect it. You will be in charge of a companies most important information.

Software Testing

Do you like a challenge? Like working on a team? Are you inquisitive?

A career in Software Testing might be for you. You’ll test software as if you were the end user and try to break it. You’ll document problems, recreate the issues and write bug reports so a programmer can correct the code.

Game Programming

Do you love video games? Enjoy working with creative people? Like challenging yourself?

A career in Game Programming might be for you. Artificial intelligence, graphics, sound & background tools – all possible specializations.  Write code and work with game designers to create fantasy worlds in video gaming.

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