You can use your child as an excuse to not get your education or you can use them as the reason to do it.


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What is the Women in Information Technology program?

For many women, going back to college to obtain a degree may seem like an impossible dream. Maybe you started college but life got in the way and you never finished. You may feel stuck in a job that pays the bills but isn’t going to offer you the career opportunities you want for long-term security. You might even have obligations such as caring for children or elderly parents. The Women in IT program was designed with you in mind. Join us for an information session and find out how we can support you as you can take charge of your future. The high-demand field of Information Technology needs women like you!

Move Quickly

Maybe you’ve heard about competency-based education, maybe not. What you need to know is that this approach to learning is designed to let you move through your courses as quickly as you master the material. Courses are no longer based on a time schedule. Apply what you already know, master the material you need, then move on to the next course.

Get Support

We’re here to help support you on your way to an IT career. Student support specialists are available to direct you to college resources, support services, and act as your academic coach. Participation in on-going advising, peer-to-peer support groups, and study groups is encouraged. In addition, we’ve designed and offer empowerment workshops, covering topics that not only support academic success, but also teach you valuable skills that you can use in your every-day life.

6 great reasons this program is a smart choice…


Online, self-paced education that fits your schedule.


Save time. Competency-based to test out of topics you already know.


Scholarships and financial aid available for tuition, books and childcare.


Seminars provide essential skills for education and career success.


Placement assistance for well-paying jobs in Austin’s fast-growing technology industry.


Encouragement and opportunity to create your ideal career.

Ready to learn more?

Come to a fun and empowering information session!

Real Women. Real Inspiration.

Image of Keelee


Keelee – Senior Programmer Analyst Keelee was encouraged to go to college by a neighbor who would become her lifelong role model. At only 10 years of age, she made the decision to get a college degree and she didn’t let anything stop her. A lack of resources, an unplanned pregnancy, and life’s other unforeseen obstacles, were no match for this confident woman. Keelee, along with her two friends and classmates, would go on to become the first black women to graduate from Penn State with a degree in an IT field.

Image of Elizabeth and daughter


Elizabeth – Software Server Specialist Elizabeth moved to the U.S. at the age of 19 years old. She didn’t speak any English but she was determined to get her college degree. Elizabeth took ESOL classes and with the support of Capital IDEA, she began her pursuit of a degree in the IT field. Despite the added challenge of being a non-native speaker, Elizabeth excelled in her courses and is the shining example to her daughter that she set out to be.

Image of Allison

Computer User Support

Allison – Computer Support Supervisor Allison’s journey to a stable, rewarding career, took many turns. She had to overcome a lack of self confidence, addiction, and even a false start. After a successful career as a Navy jet mechanic, Allison found the confidence she needed to go back to college. With the help of the GI bill, she set out to get her degree in IT. Even though the going was tough, this powerful woman was tougher. She faced the challenges head on, proving to herself that she could reach her goals.

What's the Shortest Route from here to career?

ACC’s Women in Information Technology Program!