Work with ACCENT

There are many ways you can get involved with ACCENT. Students and business partners alike can contribute to ACCENT.  

Students can work as staff members by creating news content, graphic design, and even participate in our promotional department.

For Students:

If you are interested in working for ACCENT, fill out the Recruitment Form and email it to or drop it off at the Round Rock Campus, bldg. 2000, room 2107. All Student Lead Positions must be able to conduct office hours in Round Rock, ACCENT lab. 

If you wish to work with ACCENT, fill out the  Recruitment Form. Only fill in what applied for volunteers.  When finished, email the documents to or drop off the documents at the Round Rock Campus, bldg. 2000, room 2107.

Volunteer Positions:

Account Executive Assistant
Selling and assisting with ACCENT in overseeing advertisement space for ACCENT and podcast, as needed.

Promotions Assistant
Assisting with promoting ACCENT, and podcast as needed, across campuses and around town.

Graphic Designer
Creating graphics, layouts, and advertisements, as needed, for ACCENT and the podcast, as needed.

Taking and editing photos for ACCENT and podcast, as needed

Filming and editing videos for ACCENT and podcast, as needed.

Writing news stories for ACCENT and podcast, as needed.

For Work-Study: 

If you qualify to receive work-study or have questions if you do, visit this link.

In order to receive work-study, if must have been given while filling out the FASFA. If you’ve already submitted your FASFA, you may be eligible to reapply. Visit the first link above for answers to questions you have about receiving it, ACC’s Financial Aid Department is here to help as much as they can.

ACCENT Meetings

Staff Meeting

ACCENT Student Media, will host staff meetings for interested students and volunteers to get involved with creating ACCENT news and entertainment media. 

Newroom meetings every Wednesday from 5 to 6 pm

Newsroom Meetings

ACCENT Student Media, will host story meetings that will allow student volunteers to discuss the productivity of their story assignment. Volunteers will be able to brainstorm ideas, pitch,  or receive group or one on one editing tips and tricks.