New ACC President Bill Segura

The forty-five-year-old Segura, an El Paso native, was ACC’s first Mexican-American chief executive officer, and one of the first at a college not situated along the United States/Mexico border. Segura graduated from Linfield College in Oregon, and held of a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. He was one of three finalists for the presidency of Austin Community College.

Segura was the unanimous choice of the governing trustees. Trustee Murray Shaw, an Austin attorney, said of Segura: “I think he has some outstanding leadership skills, sensitivity to all the issues and all the things we are confronted with and he has the wisdom of having been an educator.” Trustee Della May Moore described him as “A 21st century man who has real integrity and an understanding of what the mission of a community college is,” which included serving a diverse population. [Insert video clip from

Source: Austin American-Statesman, May 11, 1993 and video interview with Tobin Quereau, in ACC Historical Archive collection

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