ACCTech Enrollment Steps

Before you get started: Explore your choices.

Before scheduling your high school classes, discuss career & technical programs you might be interested in with your teachers or counselors. With their help, you can determine what technical program will likely best suit you for further study in college or a future career. | Explore ACCTech programs at your high school.

Steps to Earn ACCTech College Credit

  1. Sign up for the suggested ACCTech class at your high school.
  2. Build your ACCTech course portfolio in the CATEMA tracking system.
  3. Complete the ACCTech class with a final grade of 80 or higher so you are eligible for college credit.  Remember you must take the final exam to meet the requirements.
  4. Within 24 months after your graduation, enroll in Austin Community College and declare a major in your ACCTech area.
  5. Complete one class at Austin Community College and you will be awarded your ACCTech credit.

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