College and Career Plans

Need a Plan? How to Choose a Career.

There are important steps you can take to plan for college and a future career.

Reality check

Get a Reality Check to help you better plan your life after high school.

Explore careers

It’s a good idea to learn what jobs are in demand before investing your time and money to prepare for a career. If you are considering technical careers, you are making a smart move to look into this area. Technical careers are where the majority of job opportunities exist.

Two helpful sites are:

Look at high school activities

Find out about career guidance activities offered at your high school. Having a plan for where you want to go in your career will give you a boost in school. Your ambition and grades may be higher with added direction and purpose.

Assess your interests

Interest assessments are a great way to see what careers would make your interests and talents shine. The career counselor at your high school is happy to give you more information about the careers that get you doing what you enjoy. There is a big contrast in the amount of training and education different careers require. You are ahead of the game if you know what skills you need to prepare for a career before you get to college.

Explore in the community

Continue exploring career areas that interest you whenever you get an opportunity. Know all you can about your dream career. Talking with people in the profession or visiting a company to see someone doing the job firsthand is one of the most fun and most informative ways to learn more. Career fairs give you a chance to talk with multiple employers who have gathered together to offer information about careers at their company.

Take your classes that fit career plan

Select courses give you some of the skills needed to get into a career and seek out job opportunities related to those areas. Any job experience you can get now may be invaluable to you in the future. You may be surprised how previous job experience may fit into what another employer is looking for. Skills are the keys to opening a door to job opportunities.

Be dependable

Good attendance is an important habit to develop for a dependable employee. Respect school as your job.

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