ACCTech: Questions & Answers

Who can participate in ACCTech?

High school students in grades 9-10 are eligible to participate in ACCTech Program. The ACCTech program is comprised of career and technical education (CTE) classes that qualify for credit toward both high school and credit-in-escrow toward college graduation requirements. These courses give you a chance to explore career options and areas you are interested in while banking college credit that will count toward a workforce degree or certificate.

Where are classes taught?

ACCTech classes are offered in local high schools by qualified high school instructors. Participating high schools offer a variety of ACCTech classes to appeal to students’ diverse interests. Click on Articulations button for ACCTech offerings by program and high school.

How much does a ACCTech class cost?

There is no cost to take a ACCTech class in high school.

How do I enroll in a ACCTech class?

Complete the ACCTech steps to begin accumulating ACCTech credits.  Once the ACCTech steps have been completed, students can keep track of credits earned in an online portfolio.

What do I do with ACCTech credits after I complete high school?

Students entering ACC after graduation from high school can apply ACCTech credits to degrees at ACC where the credits are applicable. It will be the responsibility of the student to ensure that ACCTech credits apply to the programs they will be taking at ACC.

Will I lose the opportunity to enroll in the Early College Start Program and take classes that aren't specifically job oriented?

No. ACCTech classes do not count as Early College Start classes, so students may choose to enroll in the ECS program as well and begin accumulating additional college credits.

Will my credits transfer to any college?

Transferability of ACCTech credits depends on the receiving institution. Many students have received credit at other colleges in Texas. However, there is no guarantee that these credits will transfer to any other community/technical college, four-year college, or university.

If I don’t get an A or a B in a ACCTech class, what happens?

You still get high school credit if you pass the class but you don’t earn any credits at ACC.

What if I take a class but don’t sign up online? Can I still get transfer credit later?

Students can claim ACCTech credits within 24 months of their high school graduation. If you graduated high school after 2016 you must be in CATEMA to be eligible for ACCTech credit.

More Questions about ACCTech?

Please contact:

  • Your high school counselor or college and career specialist
  • High school Career and Technical Education instructors teaching approved ACCTech courses
  • The ACCTech Office

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