Required Training

Online Teacher Training for



HB5 College Preparatory Courses

Thank you so much for being patient while we worked out access issues.

If you missed the June 7th event you will need to complete the online alternative training. Teachers will need to have completed training prior to September 27 to be eligible for articulation or HB5 instruction for 2019-2020.

Sign up for the training here:

You will receive an email once your ACC ID is assigned with instructions on how to access the training.

Training and events for Summer 2019

Articulated Teacher Training

After much debate the training for Articulated and College Preparatory courses will be on June 7th as originally planned and advertised.  The training will occur at ACC Eastview Campus from 9am to 1:35pm.

  • Welding will be June 18,19, 20 at Jack C. Hays High School.
  • Biotechnology training will be July 22 to July 26th.

HB5 College Preparatory Course Training

The training event will be on June 7th at ACC’s Eastview campus from 9am to noon.



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