Save Time and Money

ACCTech is a great way to get the most out of your time and money. You earn credit for high school and college while enrolled in approved courses with ACCTech. ACCTech can save you hundreds of dollars in college tuition and many hours taking classes in subjects you already had in high school.

Compare the costs of college below with the amount you save with ACCTech courses:

  1. Currently, in-district tuition for the Spring 2012 semester costs $57 per credit, or $219 tuition and fees for a typical class.
  2. If you live in the ACC District, completing the Business Information Management I class in high school would earn you 3 college credits at ACC for ITSC 1309 (Integrated Software Applications I) — a savings of $219 in tuition and fees alone.
  3. If you complete three ACCTech classes, you earn at least 9 college credits and save at least $657 in tuition and fees alone.

The savings are even higher for out-of-district students who pay higher tuition. See chart

You can earn anywhere from two to 31 credits depending on the field you choose to study and the ACCTech courses offered at your high school. Meet with your high school counselor or college and career specialist to learn how to earn the maximum college credit available to you while in high school.

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