How to Get Around When

Visiting Our Campus

We are located at 6101 Airport Blvd. 78752


Highland Campus Hours, Spring 2024:

Monday – Thursday: 7am-10:30pm

Friday: 7am-9pm

Saturday: 7:30am-6pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

We are so delighted to have you join us for our many Arts and Digital Media events. The building locations map provided will help you orient yourself to our campus and know which building you need in order to connect with the events you are attending, or visit our ADM departments.

Building Locations Map

Click on map below to enlarge view.

Building access: Many doors on campus are locked for campus safety. The doors available for entrance are marked with signs (see public entrance map).

Building 1000: West Entrance and East Entrance

Building 2000: Northwest Upper Paseo Entrance (next to the Campus Managers Office), Southwest Upper Paseo Entrance (next to the Black Box Theatre), and the Elevator Lobby on both levels of the paseo.

Building 3000: South Entrance

Building 4000: North Entrance and South Entrance

Public Entrance Map

Click on map below to enlarge view.

Arrival and Parking:

By car:

When you arrive on campus, please park in the ACC South Parking Garage off Wilhemina Delco Dr. Parking in our garage is free.

From there, you can exit the parking garage on the north corner by Entry 1, and walk down the sidewalk to join us in Building 4000, or further into the Paseo to access Building 2000. 

By bike:

There are bike racks located all around the Highland Campus. Bike racks can be found at the south parking garage and on both ends of the Paseo at Building 2000, as well as around all sides of Building 1000 for those of you joining us by bicycle.

Public Transportation:



If you are visiting us on the train, our campus is located on the Red Line at the Highland stop. Once you are at the station, make your way east across Airport Blvd and onto ACC Highland Campus. Arts and Digital Media events spaces are located in Building 2000 and 4000. 

CapMetro Bus

ACC Highland is also accessible via Austin’s public bus system. Visit the CapMetro website and use the Trip Planner to identify the best route for you.