Faculty Professional Development Hours (G/P)

Effective date: 11/13/20

Professional Development for Current/Ongoing Faculty

Full-time Faculty:

Austin Community College faculty share a set of common faculty values, which include, among others, advancement of scholarship, learning, and the assessment of faculty work. The faculty support student success through exemplary teaching and lifelong Learning. Robust faculty professional development should be grounded in and support the shared faculty values of Teaching, Scholarship, Empowerment, Inclusion, Collaboration and Service.

All current/continuing Full-time Faculty are required to complete 12 hours of professional development each calendar year. The professional development activities selected for the coming academic year should be discussed with the faculty member’s supervisor during the annual evaluation process, should be directly linked with that process and should support the faculty member’s continued professional and career growth. Activities should be outlined in an annual professional development plan. Completion of professional development will be reviewed as part of the subsequent year evaluation. The twelve hours will be distributed over three categories:

  1. Professional Development required by the College for all employees, primarily due to legal and governmental regulations. Up to 4 hours may be included in this category each year, as applicable.
  2. Professional Development directly related to supporting best practices in Teaching and Learning, Counseling or Information Science, as applicable. A minimum of five hours should be from this category each year. Development activities should be aligned with and reflect the following key values:
    • Develop evidence-based, culturally responsive teaching and learning environments to reach diverse student populations.
    • Develop excellence in instruction through high-impact teaching/counseling practices.
    • Use innovative and emerging strategies and technologies to advance the campus-based and online student-centered classroom.
    • Develop assessment tools that are responsive to student’s needs.
    • Participate in continuous improvement through a culture of research, planning, engagement, and equity.
  3. Professional Development related to professional or personal growth and development of the faculty member. Up to 3 hours may be included in this category each year. Selections from this category should be approved by the supervisor (ordinarily the department chair) each year as part of the faculty member’s professional development plan.

While a total of 12 hours of professional development are required each year, faculty members are encouraged to take additional hours to improve their performance, enhance their ability to perform their job duties, and to support employee satisfaction. However, employees may only roll over into the next academic year a maximum of three hours. Hours rolled into the next year will fall into the same category in which they were originally completed. 

Full-time Faculty in a supervisory or other assigned role:

Professional Development related to a supervisory or other assigned role.

Full-time faculty in a supervisory or other assigned role (e.g., Department Chair or Assistant Dean) will complete professional development directly related to that assigned role. This professional development will not usually be included in the required twelve hour Full-time Faculty professional development. However, where appropriate, the instructional dean may approve position-related professional development as a part of the required 12 hours. In all cases, employees are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor the activities that add value to their duties and responsibilities.

Adjunct Faculty:

All current/continuing Adjunct Faculty are required to complete four hours of professional development each year. After completion of professional development required by the College for all employees, remaining Professional Development should be selected from activities directly related to supporting best practices in Teaching and Learning.

Professional Development for New Faculty


All new ACC employees are required to complete training in key topics that have been determined by the administration as mandatory based upon legal requirements, risk factors, and the need for safe and healthy College operations. These topics are listed below. Following initial completion, the topics may be staggered thereafter by continuing employees, with half of them taken every other year. The topics may be offered in both online and face-to-face sessions.

Required Topics Time Time Frame
1. ADA 1 Hour Every Two Years
2. Safety/Active Shooter 1 Hour Every Two Years
3. Equity and Inclusion 1 Hour Every Two Years
4. 360 Safety/Title VI, VII, and IX 2 Hours Every Two Years
5. Cyber Security 1 Hour Every Year

In addition to the 6 hours above, new full-time faculty will complete an additional 6 hours of orientation with HR related to College benefits and services, and 8 hours of professional development related to teaching and learning. The 8 hours will be selected from the following topics in two categories:

Teaching and Learning Excellence and Innovation – 4 Hours Area of Study and Program – Specific Topics – 4 Hours
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Counseling (required for new faculty) College Responsibilities and Service Opportunities
Active and Collaborative Learning Program Responsibilities and Service Opportunities
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Teaching, Learning, and Counseling in context of AoS/Program
College Resources (Library, Student Support, Blackboard, etc.) Course Syllabi, Learning Materials, Student Learning Outcomes, etc.

New Adjunct Faculty

A new adjunct faculty member is required to complete the 6 hours of compliance training. Adjunct faculty are paid an hourly rate for new orientation training.

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