ACC Shared Governance Committees: Adjunct Representation

ACC Shared Governance Meeting Schedule

This calendar contains the meeting dates for the college-wide councils and committees listed below. Please confirm the upcoming meeting dates/times with the chair of each council/committee.

Shared Governance Councils and Committees

Each Shared Governance Council and Committee requires a different number of appointees from the Adjunct Faculty Association. The adjunct representation for each Council and Committee is provided below.

ACC Shared Governance Councils

Academic & Student Affairs Council (Three appointees)

Administrative Services Council (Two appointees)

Shared Governance Review Council (Three appointees)

ACC Shared Governance Committees

Adjunct Faculty Staffing

Assessment and Advising (2)

College Accessibility

Curriculum & Programs (4)

Distance Education (5)

Enrollment Services (1)

Faculty Development & Evaluation (3) 

Information Technology Committee (3)

Safety & Environmental Mnagement (2)

Student Rights & Responsibilities (2)

Other Committees and Work-groups

Academic Advisory Technology (2)

Bravo Awards

Emergency Fund

Faculty Center Advisory Group

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