ASL Course Challenge Exam

Students who are at beginning ASL classes should meet with an Area of Study Advisor and discuss your plan. Students who have completed at least ASL 3 with at least 30 college credits and are considering taking Interpreting classes should request a Department Advising appointment with Dr. Anderson. 

Study Guide: Review your vocabulary, grammar and knowledge of conversational skills. There is no specific place to study for this test.

What is included in test:

You will meet with one of our faculty members and the evaluator will lead the conversation and you are expected to join the natural flow of conversation by sharing responses and adding questions back and forth. Eligibility will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis during the placement test.

If you register in class without taking ASL Placement Test, you will be captured and then removed from class by 1st day of semester. If you need department advising, please go here to schedule yours:


In order to be eligible to take a Course Challenge Exam,

the applicant must be a current or former ACC student. Students must complete at least one college credit awarding course at ACC before challenge exam results will be recorded on an official transcript. The student may not challenge a course more than once. No student may challenge a course for which she/he is currently enrolled or has received a grade, I, W or AU.

You will need to earn an “A” or a “B” on your exam in order to be awarded college-credit for having taken the exam. Credit received by way of the Course Challenge is reflected as a letter grade on your academic transcript, but it is important to note that this letter grade will not be calculated into your overall ACC GPA. If you plan to transfer to another college or university, you should consult that particular institution for more information about their transcript evaluation policies.


In order to take an ACC ASL Course Challenge Exam, please follow these procedures:

  1. Schedule your ASL Course Challenge Exam here. With the result given, register in the class you were placed into. If you did not take this challenge exam, you will be either blocked from registration or be removed from class.
  2. After obtaining your exam results, register for the courses you were approved for.
  3. After you have completed one full semester at ACC, whether at the time of your exam or after that, initiate the course challenge proceedings by contacting Administrative Assistant Jillian Gruetzner,

Please feel free to contact the departmental office with any questions you may have about the Challenge Exam guidelines and procedures. Note: Take ASL Placement Test and complete one full semester at ACC before you pick up Course Challenge Form and do the necessary procedures.