Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, ASLIT Lab is currently closed until further notice. We provide virtual tutoring session on and

What is ASLIT Lab for? 

The purpose of the ASLIT Lab is to practice your expressive, receptive, general conversational, and improving your ASL skills. If you are struggling with your True Way ASL (TWA) homework, SOAR, you can ask for assistance from a tutor. You can use the lab to record your work, ask for feedback, make edits, and upload videos. Also you may watch ASL required video on a iMac. The lab offers individual tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring sessions. It can be used as a space to hold study group to prepare for tests. You also can complete your ASL passport as a cultural experience credit, attend community gatherings, and so much more.

Summer 2021

June 1st – August 2nd
 8:00 AM- 7:00 PM
Friday: 8 AM-12 PM

ASLIT Lab Staff


Owen Horr
Senior Lab Assistant


Carlos Gomez
Lab Assistant


Stevie Campbell

Jose Hernandez Frias

Jose Hernandez Frias

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Gordon Harper


Ash Schemenaucer

Al Jimenez

Al Jimenez
Unavailable Summer Tutor


Rebecca West
Interpreting Tutor

Tutoring Reservation

Tutor Reservation

  1. Click “Tutor Reservation
  2. Enter in your ACCeID and password
  3. Session Schedule:  color-coded:
    1. Gray- unavailable
    2. Light purple- available
  4. Choose the slot and you will see the box turn to red.
  5. If you need to cancel your appointment, simply click on the time slot again and it will revert to purple

Cancellation Policy

It is ultimately your responsibility to cancel your reservation. If we do not hear from you, it will be considered as a “NO SHOW”. With three no-show in total, you will lose the privilege from signing up for two weeks.

How to: 

You are able to see two weeks of tutoring sessions at a time. You may reserve sessions for the new week on Monday at 8:00 AM. You may reserve 2 session per day during the actual week.

On the prior week of the actual week of tutoring sessions, students can only sign up for two sessions.

On the actual week of tutoring sessions, students can sign up for two sessions per day if there are any availability. Students can’t sign up for two consecutive sessions.

Lab Sessions

We are using for  online tutoring sessions. At the ASLIT Lab website, you will notice a button labeled ”Start your online tutoring session HERE”. First you need to reserve your time slot for online tutoring session, then click on the online tutoring session button. Please do not show up online tutoring  early or you will interrupt the tutor and other students. At time we use Zoom for large group tutoring.

Things to note:

  • You can have video conversations with up to 6 participants. Inviting your classmates is always welcome.
  • Please make sure you have a solid backdrop and quiet background. Please, no distractions such as pets kids, etc. Do not virtual tutoring sessions in the bathroom or inside of a car


Virtual Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions and Lab Assignments require reservations. There are many options available for you during your tutoring sessions. All sessions are up to 30 minutes long. Please be sure to let your tutor know what you would like to do during your session.

As for Guided Dialogue Sessions you will need to let the lab staff know the beginning of your sessions. They will record Guided Dialogue on your session attendance.

You can review TWA vocabulary, prepare for tests and exams, discuss the syntax of ASL, have a conversation in ASL with your classmate and tutor, improve your ASL skills, play online games, or complete your homework. We can assist you with your homework after you’ve finished one attempt on your own. You can also work on your SOAR videos, where you will film yourself and then chat with a tutor on the screen sharing and receive feedback.

Don’t wait to book your session! Sessions fill up fast especially near the end of the semester. Be Proactive.


Individual Tutoring Session: We will work with you one on one. You can invite up to 6  your classmate to join your session. It is more fun than one on one tutoring. It will help your receptive skills tremendously.

Group Study Session: A session for student who want to study for 30 minutes in prior to a test. This will be open to students only in the same ASL level.

Homework Help Desk: We are available to help answer questions related to your homework, clarification on ASL native signers in the videos, or ASL events. It is available in 10 minutes session. This is not a Tutor Session.


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Erica Moilanen
Through ASLIT program, I have made life long friendships not only through classmates, but also in the lab. The lab makes learning significantly easier and much more fun. Although useful as a study atmosphere, the lab is pleasantly engaging. When possible, I liked playing a game or having casual conversations with the tutors. My experience in the ASLIT was one of the best experiences in my life. When anyone is seemingly interested in learning ASL I recommend Austin Community College’s ASLIT program, even if they are not interested in becoming an Interpreter.

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