Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the automotive program?
If you have not taken any course at ACC, AND WISH TO RECEIVE COLLEGE CREDIT, you must be accepted for admission to ACC by completing an online application for admission (available on the ACC website or available from the Student Services department on any campus.) You must have a High School diploma or GED. If you don’t have either, but plan on their completion in the next six months, it is possible to get a temporary waiver. You can then enroll by telephone during the regular registration period. Some courses offered in the automotive department are also offered through the Continuing Education program. These sections are NON CREDIT, and will receive a certificate of completion only.
What programs does ACC offer in the automotive field?
ACC currently offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology, and a Certificate in Automotive Technology. ACC also offers specialized Certificate programs in motorcycle, marine and small engine repair.
Can I get both the certificate and the Associate degree?
Yes, the courses in the certificate program are the same courses required in the Associate degree and can be applied to either or both programs.
Can I take only one course?
Yes, if you have been admitted to ACC and have satisfied any prerequisites. The course schedule has a “P” in front of the course I want, what does this mean? This means that that course has a prerequisite; another course must be completed before you may register for that one. Many prerequisites are satisfied by completing the Introduction to Automotive Technology, and the Automotive Electrical courses, (AUMT 1405, 1407) or equivalent work experience.
Who can I contact?
The Automotive Technology Administrative Assistant: Round Rock- Kristin Farrell @ 223-0346. You may also contact AutoTech faculty and/or Tool Room staff at 223- 6094, 6097, 6092, 6038 to . In Person: You can also visit us at the Riverside Campus, 1020 Grove Blvd., Bldg. B, in southeast Austin or at 4400 College Park Drive, Round Rock (Building 5000) or at the San Marcos Goodnight Center location
Will I get ASE certification from ACC?
ACC does not give ASE certification, but will help anyone with test registration. All ACC Automotive courses are designed to prepare the student for certification tests. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifies technicians with two years of experience, that pass one or more of the eight different testing areas in the automotive field. ASE also certifies schools through NATEF (National Automotive Teachers Education Foundation. ACC is certified by NATEF and has courses of instruction that correspond to the eight different ASE testing areas.
I want to take an advanced Automotive course, what do I do?
Your application for enrollment must be accepted by ACC through the Admission and Records department, satisfy the prerequisites for that course and enroll in that course during the regular registration period. Many prerequisites are satisfied by completing the Introduction to Automotive Technology, and the Automotive Electrical courses, (AUMT 1405, 1407) or equivalent work experience.
Why should I take your courses? Can't I get a job without going to school?
Yes, you can possibly get a job without taking our courses, especially with prior experience, but automotive technology is now complex and “high tech”. A good understanding of automotive systems theory and design is essential for successful repairs. Our courses provide basic skills for entry level placement in the automotive field, and prepare students for certification through ASE. We provide the opportunity for more rapid advancement in the rapid changing automotive technology.
What is the TSI, and do I need to take it?
TSI stands for Texas Success Initiative Program. It was enacted by the Texas legislature and applies to all public-supported institutions of higher education, including Austin Community College. There are a number of Test Instruments and Minimum Passing Standards that you must meet unless the program you are enrolled in is TSI-exempt.
Are any Automotive Technology programs TSI-exempt?
Any certificate program of one year or less is TSI-exempt. This applies to the motorcyle, marine and small engine repair programs.


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