CNBT 1411 Construction Methods and Materials

An introduction to construction materials and methods and their applications.

This is a hands-on survey course which has four components:

  1. construction management
  2. concrete/masonry
  3. carpentry
  4. woodworking

Students learn to use math, blueprints, building specifications, optical leveling equipment, hand tools, portable power tools and stationary power tools in a sequence of learning activities designed for students to acquire entry-level skills and knowledge of the construction industry.

Students gain experience in basic woodworking and concrete skills by doing. They learn how to choose a site and lay out a building. They also create various projects to learn carpentry and concrete skills.

Not all Construction Methods & Materials classes create the same projects; all projects are designed to teach students basic woodworking and concrete skills.

Syllabus is available on the current semester’s schedule page


Builders Level, Transit Level & Equipment (PDF – fairly large file)

Basic Building Layout (PDF)

Building Layout Lab photos

Students locate and mark the corners of the building and use batter boards and builder’s level to verify the future floor will be level

Woodworking lab

Students learn about planning and measuring projects and using power tools to build them. This class built as a set of steps and an open tool box

Concrete Lab photos

Students may build a concrete table with a wooden base or another concrete project such as a concrete bench.

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