CRPT 1411 Conventional Roof Systems

Study of the principles of design and construction of a conventional roof system incorporating gable, hip, and intersections. Emphasis on safe work practices and the selection, use and maintenance of tools and equipment. Department approval recommended.

Students learn about

  • Types of roofs
  • Parts of the roof
  • Layout terms, principles and practice
  • Plans, measurements and materials
  • Roofing materials
  • Gable and hip roof construction

and get hands-on practice in

  • Layout of common, hip, valley and the various jack rafters
  • How to use the rafter square, speed square and the hand- held calculator

Student Provided Tools (see the instructor’s syllabus for the exact list)

  • Hammer (16 oz or heavier)
  • Speed square
  • Tape measure (preferably longer than 16 feet, with a 1” wide blade and stud marks)
  • Nail apron or tool belt
  • 3 ring binder for handouts, notepaper and pencils
  • Hand-held calculator if you have one

Prerequisite: CNBT 1411 Construction Methods and Materials

Course syllabus is available on the current semester schedule page

Roofing handout (PDF)

Laying out rafters (large PDF)

Roof Systems Lab photos

Students learn about a variety of roof layouts and build one or more

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