Woodworking Special Topics (WDWK 1191, WDWK 1291, WDWK 1491)

Prerequisite: CNBT 1411 Construction Methods and Materials or department approval.

Topics address recently identified current events, skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes and behaviors pertinent to the technology or occupation and relevant to the professional development of the student. May be repeated for credit. Department approval recommended.

All three Woodworking Special Topics classes require the student to bring their own materials, (wood, brackets, glue, eye protectors) and select one or more projects to build. The instructor must approve the project before the student can begin work. The student may use any or all of the power tools in the labs (table saw, chop saw, rotary saw, planer, jointer, sanders, band saw) to create their projects.

The instructor will oversee the student’s work and expects the student to have sufficient proficiency in woodworking to be able to generally complete the chosen project without needing the instructor to explain each step. The instructor is present to promote independent study, not to design, estimate or build the project for the student.

The three woodworking special topics classes only differ in the amount of class hours the student is expected to attend. For questions on which class to take or tips about suggested projects, contact the instructor.

Syllabus is available on the current semester’s schedule page

Interested in woodworking information? See the Construction References page.

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