Woodworking Program

Want to learn woodworking? There are a number of classes, from beginning to advanced and independent study “special topics”; all are mostly hands-on in the woodworking labs.

Woodworking Certificates

  • Beginning Woodworking – develop woodworking skills by starting with rough carpentry projects and progressing to finished carpentry.
  • Intermediate Woodworking – build a hall table (students provide hardwood)
  • Advanced Woodworking – learn techniques of hardwood furniture design and construction; build a side table with a drawer
  • Cabinet Making I – build a base cabinet and router table; learn how to create mortise, tenons and dovetails.
  • Cabinet Making II – work as a team to build and install kitchen cabinets.
  • Cabinet Making III/Woodworking Capstone
  • Special Topics – with instructor approval, choose and build your own project

Woodworking Labs and Power Tools

Both campuses have two woodworking labs with plenty of power tools available for woodworking and construction classes, including table saws, jointers, planers, sanders, routers, skill saws, chop saws, band saws, power drills, nail guns, various sizes of clamps,  and more. One lab has only the equipment, the other also includes 6 tables for classes.

Round Rock Labs

Riverside Labs






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