Scholarships for all students and BCT only

dollar sign with hard hatACC Scholarships – application deadline May 1

A number of scholarships are available. Many are offered to all students, regardless of their area of study. For details on how to apply, visit the ACC Scholarships page. A list of scholarships is at

There are scholarships for only construction students (below) and a student emergency fund for unforeseen financial emergencies and catastrophic events that may disrupt their education.

ALL BCT students are encouraged to apply for one or more scholarships. Tips on writing the application essay.

Be aware that…

  • A letter of recommendation from an instructor (optional) can help your application stand out from others.
  • If you apply for one scholarship and don’t receive that one, you are automatically considered for all other scholarships for which you are eligible
  • Scholarship awards look great on resumes. Apply!
  • Many scholarships are for one academic year. If you receive a scholarship during your first year, you can reapply during your second year at ACC.

Construction Scholarships

$2,500 (or more – amount may change) Grainger Technical Scholarship – deadline May 1

Grainger scholarships are available strictly for BCT students. Eligible students must have:

  • successfully completed at least 12 hours of coursework in the program
  • minimum 2.5 GPA
  • financial need (as determined by the ACC Financial Aid Office)

The Grainger scholarship can be used for tuition, books, fees and required tools.

Faulkner Construction Scholarship

The Royce & Donna Faulkner endowed scholarship is available strictly for construction students. Eligible students must have at least a 2.5 GPA. The scholarship can be used for tuition, books and fees. The number of awards and the dollar amount will be based on the funds available; historically it’s usually been around $1,500.

Questions and How to Apply

For questions, contact the Financial Aid office.
To apply, complete the ACC General Scholarship Application online or submit the paper application to any ACC Financial Aid Office.

Tips on writing essay for ACC scholarships

Don’t panic! Just write a paragraph or two about your education and career goals – why you chose ACC and your plans after graduation. That’s all that is needed.

Getting started:

  1. Write the first draft in a word processor. (see below, Notes on writing a draft for details)
  2. Consider having someone else read it for content and grammar – ask an instructor or someone from the Learning Lab
  3. Copy and paste it into the scholarship application

The essay is done!

Notes on writing a draft

All student ACCMail accounts include Google Drive’s word processor; consider using that – your document is available to you from any computer, tablet or mobile phone that is connected to the internet.

Need help?

Video of April 2010 presentation on scholarships for BCT students

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Transcript of presentation

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