ACCeTime for Professional-Technical Employees

ACC professional-technical employees are required to submit an electronic timesheet each month in order to generate accurate paychecks. Electronic timesheets for professional-technical are used to report absences, such as sick leave or professional leave. Your immediate supervisor is responsible for approving your timesheet by the deadline so that it can be processed by payroll.

The live ACCeTime system can be found here.

You can navigate to this link from the Human Resources site. First choose Payroll and then Click on the Electronic Timesheets link. You will find a link to the live system here. Alternatively, you can type in the above URL.

For support in using the ACCeTime system, please contact the Payroll Office.

Logging In

To log in, type your ACCeID and your password, then click the Login button.

ACCeTime Login Screen

ACCeTime Login Screen

Note: The IT Department recommends never letting the browser store your password. To protect your privacy, be prepared to type in your password each time you enter a secure system.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, type in your username and click Send My Password. Your password will be emailed to your ACC email address. Alternatively, contact the Technical Support Services (512-223-8324).

Menu Bar

When you log in, you will see a yellow menu bar with four tabs.

ACCeTime Menu Bar

ACCeTime Menu Bar

My Info contains basic information identifying the user.

Timesheets is where you will do your work. This tab contains your timesheet and a link to email your supervisor.

View History allows you to view previous timesheets that you have submitted electronically.

Logout is for logging out of the system. If you are on a public computer, you should close your browser after logging out.

Timesheet Tab

The timesheet tab contains two links.

The first link, Position Title, is where your timesheet resides. To access your timesheet, click your position title. Note that the status of your timesheet will change to submitted once you have completed and submitted your timesheet.

Timesheet Tab - ProfTech

Timesheet Tab – ProfTech

The second link is an optional Email Supervisor link. You can use this link as a quick way to email your supervisor. The link will launch your email program and insert the supervisor’s name in the recipient box along with a subject.

Note: If your supervisor’s name is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact Human Resources Records to have this corrected.

Modify a Timesheet

Under the Timesheet Tab, click on your position title to access your timesheet. At this point, you can create new entries.

Note: If you do not need to report any absences for the month, you may simply click Submit Timesheet to complete the process.

Summary Boxes

When you open a timesheet, you will see two gray summary boxes at the top.

Summary Boxes

Summary Boxes

  • The Accruals box (top left) indicates the amount of sick leave you have available. Hours used in the current pay period are indicated in the middle column and then subtracted to get a net.
  • The Hours Accumulator (top right) summarizes your leave for the current pay period.

Add an Absence

Your timesheet is a summary of absences: you will only indicate leave time, such as professional leave, jury duty, or sick time.

To report an absence, click the button that says Add Absence.

Add an Absence

Add an Absence

You will be prompted to type the following:

  • date of absence
  • number of hours out
  • type of leave

Use the drop down menu to highlight the type of leave. Then click Save to save your modifications and return to your timesheet.

Add an Absence - ProfTech

Add an Absence – ProfTech

The absence will then be indicated on your timesheet. At any point during the pay period, you can delete the entry by clicking the select box and Delete. Alternatively, you can edit the entry by clicking Edit. You will be able to change the date, number of hours, or type of leave.

Modify leave

Modify leave

Note: The Select boxes are used to select one or more entries for deleting. You can select specific entries to delete by clicking on these boxes. Alternatively, you can use the Select All and Select None buttons.

Add a Leave Block

If you are absent for consecutive days with the same type of leave, click the Add Leave Blockbutton as shown above.

Type the first and last day of leave, number of hours, and type of leave. Click Save and you will be prompted to confirm the new entries.

Add a Leave Block

Add a Leave Block

Note: Your saved entries will remain each time you log out and close your browser. At any point during the pay period, you can add, edit, or delete entries. You timesheet is not official until you submit it to your supervisor.

Submit a Timesheet

At the end of the pay period, click Submit Timesheet to send the timesheet to your supervisor. You will see that the status is now submitted.

Pending Timesheets

Pending Timesheets

You will always be able to see the start date and end date for the pay period as well as the due date for the timesheet. If you have not submitted your timesheet, you will receive an automated email reminder before the due date.

Note: You can only unsubmit a timesheet if your supervisor has not opened it. Once the supervisor opens your timesheet, the Unsubmit button (shown above) disappears. If you realize you have made a mistake, ask your supervisor to reject the timesheet so you can modify it.

Reminder Notices

If you have not submitted your timesheet, you will receive an email reminder prior to the deadline date. Your supervisor will also receive a reminder to approve your submitted timesheet.

Paychecks are generated based on the information you have entered in the ACCeTime system. Missing a deadline will result in a delay in payment. please contact Human Resources.


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