Add Office Hours in Lighthouse

Click on Office Hours to access your Office Hours page. You will know that the link is selected when “Office Hours” turns a lighter shade of blue and has a dotted line underneath.

Office Hours link

After you click on the Office Hours link, a new page will open.  On this page you will add your office hours.  If you previously entered office hours on this page, they will be listed below the entry form.

Add office hours

You will need to choose the Active Semester.  Click on the drop down list to find the active semester.

Active semester drop down

Active semester drop down

Next, you will enter your Location, Days, Time, and any Notes for your students.

The office hours will be displayed on the directory and any syllabi during the active semester.

NOTE: If you have office hours on different days at different locations, make sure to add another office hour entry. You may add as many office hour entries as needed.

Legacy office hours


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