Default ACC WordPress Theme Featured Banner Fix

One of the required plugins that came pre-installed with the default ACC WordPress theme had to be deactivated and removed. This left pages that had a Featured Banner set on a page to display a large missing image icon rather than your page banner:

Default Missing image

Sites that use the default ACC Theme and use the Featured Banner feature will need to follow these steps:

From your WordPress Dashboard click Custom Fields option in the left sidebar, Then the Custom Fields option.

Custom Fields Option

The click Edit under this custom field.

Edit Featured Banner custom field.

Click Edit under the Featured Banner Field Label.

Really Edit the Custom Field

Under the Field Type drop-down, set the Field Type to Image.

Set the Field type to Image

Under the Return Value set the option to Image ID.

Set the Return Value to Image ID

Click the Update button on the right side panel.

Update the custom field

At this point you must go in and reset the featured banners on your posts and pages using the Featured Banner option box in the right side panel.

Featured Banner Dialog box

Remember to click Update on any posts or pages after setting or resetting a Featured Banner.

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