Non Native American Nations Control Over North America 1750-2008

Non-Native American Nations Control Over North America 1750-2008

50 Centuries in Ten Minutes (YouTube: kardboardking)
73 Years of Lynching (New York Times)
American Atlas (USPS, 1839)
American Panorama (U. of Richmond)
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Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States (U. of Richmond)
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Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean
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In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience (Schomberg Center)
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Visualizing U.S. History Through Post Offices
World History Population Growth

Middle East & Southwest Asia

East & Southeast Asia

Bernou, Claude,, Abbot, 1681

Bernou, Claude, Abbot, 1681

*Selected Samples From Map-As-History w. Synced Chapters Emboldened:

Early Christianity 3:18 > Protestant Reformation & America
Circumference of the Earth & the Route Towards the West 2:14 > New Spain & New France
New France 4:21 > New Spain & New France
England Looks to the West 3:50 > British Chesapeake & New Netherland
Westward Expansion: 1790-1861 4:16 > Westward Expansion

The British Empire: Trading Routes & Construction 3:01 > Overseas Expansion
Europe Plunges Into War 3:20 > The Great War
Europe @ the End of the First World War 4:04 > Versailles to Pearl Harbor, 1919-41
The War Goes Global, 1941-1942 6:13 > World War II, 1942-43
The Final Solution: The Holocaust, the Shoah 9:14 > World War II, 1944-45
The Berlin Crisis, 1948-1949 2:48 > Cold War, 1945-53
The Mideast @ the Beginning of the 20th Century 4:49 > Nixonland
Europe, 1990-2005 4:49 > New World Order

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