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Holland House Library, Kensington London During the Blitz, 1940

Holland House Library, Kensington London During the Blitz, 1940.  Source: WikiCommons

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Anti-Saloon League, 1893-1933 (Westerville, OH Public Library)
Art & Identity in the British No. American Colonies (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Atlantic Slave Trade & Slave Life in the Americas (UVA)

Atomic Bomb & the End of World War II: A Collection of Primary Documents (National Security Archives @ GWU)
Black Loyalists of the American Revolution
Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero
Bracero History Project, 1942-64 (Smithsonian-Brown-G. Mason-UTEP)
Centennial Exhibition of 1876 Digital Collection (Free Library of Philadelphia)
Center for the Study of First Americans (Texas A&M)
Civil War Memory (Kevin Levin)

Civil War Trust Battle Apps
Civil Rights Cold Case Project (Coroners Reports from 6 South Carolina Counties)

Civil Rights Digital Library (UGA-Athens)
Cold War International History Project (Woodrow Wilson Center)
Cold War Studies @ Harvard
Continental Congress Journals, 34 Volumes (1774-75)
Civil War (Joseph Logan)
Common-Place Early America (Florida State)
Densho Japanese-American [Incarceration Camp] Legacy Project (Seattle)
Digital Commons @ Industrial & Labor Relations (Cornell U.)
Disability History (Smithsonian Museum of American History)

Do History: Martha Ballard Diary
Documenting the American South (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Dolly Madison Project (Virginia Center for Digital History)
Dramas of the Haymarket (Northwestern & Chicago Historical Society)
Early American Crime: An Exploration of Crime, Criminals & Punishments from America’s Past (Anthony Vaver)
Einstein Archives Online (U. of Jerusalem, CIT & Princeton)

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project (George Washington U.)
English Magna Carta (1215)

Early American Library (Marquette)
Ellis Island Passenger Search
Emma Goldman Papers (Cal-Berkeley)
Evolution of the Conservation Movement (Library of Congress)
Franklin: FDR Presidential Library & Museum (Marist)
Federalist Papers, 1-85 by Madison, Hamilton & Jay (1787-88)
Firsthand Account of Paul Revere’s Ride (1775)
First-Person Narratives of the American South (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Flint-General Motors Sit-Down Strike, 1936-37 (Michigan St.)
Food (Smithsonian Museum of American History)
Frederick Douglass Papers (Library of Congress)
Great Chicago Fire & the Web of Memory (Northwestern & Chicago Historical Society)
HarpWeek [Cartoons]
Her Hat Was In The Ring!: U.S. Women Who Ran For Political Office Prior to 1820 (Various)

History Central
History of Jim Crow
History Through Deaf Eyes (Gallaudet University)
HOLC Redlining Districts of San Antonio (UTSA)
Holocaust Memorial Museum [U.S.]
In Motion: African-American Migration
Influenza Encyclopedia (Univ. of Michigan)
Innovation (Smithsonian Museum of American History)
International Relations Data Site (Univ. of North Texas)
Jefferson’s Bible: Life & Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (1803-1820)
Jefferson’s Monticello
Jefferson’s Recommended Reading
Jefferson’s Summary View of the Rights of British America (1774) PDF
Jesuit Relations & Allied Documents, 1610-1791 (Creighton)
Jews in America, Our Story
JFK Library & Museum
John Brown’s Patriotic Treason (PBS)
Journal of the American Revolution (All Things Liberty)

Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)
Lakota Winter Counts (Museum of Natural History)
Latino History (Smithsonian Museum of American History)

Lincoln Institute (Lehrman Institute)
Lincoln Assassination
Like a Family: the Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World (UNC-Chapel Hill)
LBJ Presidential Library & Museum
Lost Museum of P.T. Barnum (American Social History Project)
Madison’s Memorial & Remonstrance (1785)
Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative (1682)
Material History of American Religion Project
Making of America: Antebellum > Reconstruction (Michigan)
Mapping Decline: St. Louis & the American City (U. of Iowa)
Mapping Inequality: Redlining the New Deal In America (U. of Richmond)
Mario Savio Speech @ UC Berkeley (1964)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute (Stanford)
Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights (June 1776)
Medicine & Madison Avenue (Duke)
Merlot History Portal (California State U.)
Miller Center for Public Affairs, Presidency (UVA)
National Women’s History Project (Resource Center)
Native America (ACC Links)
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City)
New Deal Network
New York Armory Show of 1913 (U. of Virginia)
Newseum Digital Classroom
19th-Century Schoolbooks (Pitt)
Nixon’s Trip to China Archives (Nixon Library)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] Archives & Documents
Not Even Past (UT)
Pacific Northwest Labor & Civil Rights Projects (James Gregory, UW)

People With History: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans* History (Fordham)
Pentagon Papers (National Archives)
Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Poetic Waves: Angel Island (Chinese Immigration Center)
Prosperity & Thrift in the Coolidge Era, 1921-29 (Library of Congress)
Religion & the American Founding (Library of Congress)
Roger Williams’ Bloody Tenent (1644)
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Museum
Salem: Witchcraft Hysteria (National Geographic)
Salem Witchcraft Outbreak Verbatim Transcripts (1692)

Sarah Bradford, Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman, 1869 (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project (UW)
Secessionist Editorials Project (AHA-Robert Townsend)
Shay’s Rebellion of 1786 (Springfield Tech CC)
Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-69)
Slavery Geography in Virginia (Va. Center for Digital History)
Slave Narratives From the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-38 (Library Congress)
Slavery & the Making of America (PBS)
Slavery in New York (New York Historical Society)
SNCC Digital Gateway
Sports History [U.S.]
Story of Virginia (Virginia Historical Society)
Studs Terkel Conversations With America (Chicago History Museum)
Texas Slavery Project (Univ. of North Texas)

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense (1776)
Transatlantic Slave Trade Database
Trenchard & Gordon’s Cato’s Letters (1720-23)
Triangle Factory Fire, 1911 (Cornell U.)
Triumph Over Slavery (Schomberg & New York Public Library)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture (UVA)
Underground Railroad: William Still Diary (PHS-Gutenberg)
U.S. Grant’s Memoirs of the Civil War (Gutenberg Project)
Vietnam Project & Archive (Texas Tech)
Virtual Jamestown (NPS)
Visualizing Emancipation (U. of Richmond)
Votes for Women: Documents from the AWSA (Library of Congress)
War on the Rocks (UT Texas National Security Review)
The Way of Improvement Leads Home (John Fea)
W.E.B. Du Bois Papers (UMass-Amherst)
Washington State History: HistoryLink

Washington’s Farewell Address (1796)
Web Chronology Project (WebChron)
Who’s Who & What’s What In the Books of Dr. Seuss (Dartmouth)
Wizard of Oz (Library of Congress)
Women & Social Movements International, 1840-Present (Alexander Street Press)
Women’s History (Smithsonian Museum of American History)

World War I Museum (Kansas City)
World War II Archive-Links (Avalon Project Yale)
WTO History Project (UW)

Global History
Art History
BBC Timeline of British History In-Depth
History World (Encyclopedia of Britain)
History Central (HIN-Kansas)
Asian Gateway
Ancient Africa
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Ancient & Medieval Classics
European Middle Ages
Islamic History Sourcebook (Fordham)
Latin America (UT)
Medieval Medical Illustrations (MacKinney Collection, UNC-Chapel Hill)
Middle East (Ohio State)
South Asian Texts & Documents (So. Dakota St.)
Western Civilization Gateway (ACC)
World Civilization Gateway (Boston University)
Issues in African History (Iowa)

Big History
Big History Project (David Christian)
ChronoZoom (UC-Berkeley)
Cosmic Evolution: From Big Bang to Humankind (Harvard)
Deep History; Daniel Lord Smail & Andrew Shryock, “History & the ‘Pre'” (AHR 2013)

Pedagogy see Core Gateway above, too
Bill of Rights Institute (the “Brinstitute”) (Common Sense)
Digital History (U. of Houston & Chicago Historical Society)
Gilder Lehrman History
By Era
History Skills (Australia 7-12)
How to Become a Teacher (Teachers of Tomorrow)

H.S.I.: Historical Scene Investigation (William & Mary)
Newseum Digital Classroom
OER Commons: History (Open Educational Resources)
Stanford History Education Group (Stanford)
Teaching American History (CHNM/DOE)
Transitioning to Online Teaching (AHA Perspectives by Steven Mintz)

Zinn Education Project (Rethinking Schools & Teaching For Change)

Don’t feel bad.  I’d need help, too, if I was operating on your appendix or overhauling your engine or programming the computer you’re currently using.  Maybe you’re rusty on history and need a brief basics-for-beginners refresher before diving into the chapters.  This ESL text and these videos might help, with corresponding History Hub chapters to the right.  Keep in mind that the content varies from our text and these have nothing directly to do with our exams or learning objectives.  Videos like these should be used on a purely supplemental basis, in this or any other class.  They do not suffice as a real history course, which requires sustained effort.  This ESL text and these videos are a starting point only, to create a vertical text set to orient you before starting to read the chapters. There are also map-related videos in the Atlas link at the top of the page.

ESL Text: U.S.A. History In Brief (Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

AP Preparation:
Heimler’s History (YT)
U.S. History (YT Crash Course)

1301 Overview (6 Minutes):

Khan Academy Videos:
Historian’s Toolkit (8:47)

Overview: Jamestown to Civil War (18:28)
Worlds Collide (1491-1607) HH Chapters 1301: 1-2
Colonial America (1607-1754) HH Chapters 1301: 3-7
The Road to Revolution (1754-1800) HH Chapters 1301: 8-11
The Early Republic (1800-1848) HH Chapters 1301: 12-17
The Civil War Era (1848-1877) HH Chapters 1301: 18-22

Overview: Reconstruction to Great Depression (14:22)
The Gilded Age (1865-1898) HH Chapters 1302: 1-2
Rise to World Power (1898-1945) HH Chapters 1302: 3-12
Overview: World War II to Vietnam (14:42)
The Postwar Era (1945-1980) HH Chapters 1302: 13-19
The Modern Era (1980-Present) HH Chapters 1302: 20-22

How It Happens:
U.S. History Review Part I: Discovery to Colonization  HH Chapters 1301: 2-9
U.S. History Review Part II: Unity & Division  HH Chapters 1301: 10-20
U.S. History Review Part III: Reconstruction & Expansion  HH Chapters 1301: 21-23

U.S. History Review Part IV: Roar, Crash & Boom  HH Chapters 1302: 7-12
Crash & Great Depression  HH Chapter 1302: 8
The New Deal in Three Minutes  HH Chapter 1302: 9
How the Cold War Happened in Four Minutes  HH Chapters 1302: 13-14

U.S. History Review Part V: CHAOS & Tension  HH Chapters 1302: 13-22

Others (1302):
The Roaring Twenties In Two Minutes (2:09) HH Chapter 1302: 7
The Great Depression Explained In Eleven Minutes (11:50) HH Chapter 1302: 8
The Reason Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor (13:51) HH Chapters 1302: 11
Here’s How the Truman Doctrine Established the Cold War (4:51) HH Chapters 1302: 13-14
The Korean War: Five Things To Know (3:55) HH Chapters 1302: 13

History Hub by Cameron Addis (2012) is licensed under a:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License