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ACC employees, 

We hope you received Dr. Rhodes’ email with an update on new developments regarding the College and the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The College continues to monitor this situation and will work to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees with every decision that is made. This memo provides an update on plans for managing the workplace at this time. We will continue to update employees as plans change. You are encouraged to check your ACC email and visit the ACC website.

Students are on extended spring break through March 29. During the extended break (March 23-29) faculty will not hold classes or give exams. During this period, faculty will work with their departments to transition to online classes and remote work. Except for a small number of approved exemptions, all classes will resume in an online format on March 30. Faculty are expected to work primarily from home beginning on that date. For the week of March 23, faculty participating in training, needing assistance from their department chair or other support personnel, or needing access to their office to prepare for remote work, may access the appropriate campus. Those who do not need to access campuses should not do so. Staff are expected to work from home beginning March 23 unless otherwise notified by their department.  

Non-Faculty Essential Personnel
During the week of March 23, we will minimize the number of employees on campus, except for essential personnel.

The vice chancellors of each area will ensure that each non-faculty employee is notified whether their position is considered essential.  Essential employees will return to work on March 23.  These essential employees will have access to offices, training, and/or equipment and instructions for transitioning to working and teaching remotely. Employees should check their ACC email for a notification from their vice chancellor (or department).

Employees Working Remotely
Non-faculty employees, except essential personnel, will not return to work on March 23. The vice chancellors are working with management personnel to determine non-faculty work schedules/assignments. You will receive notification of your schedule/assignment via email. To the extent possible, non-faculty employees will be given alternative work assignments/schedules and/or assigned to work remotely. Given the limited number of available notebook computers, employees will be asked to use their home/personal computer for the time being. This will help maximize the number of employees who can work remotely and therefore ensure the health and safety of employees. Information Technology will provide instructions on telework for working remotely. Please check your ACC email. Instructions will also be posted to ACC’s Coronavirus Information website, under “Resources.”

Once the employee has been notified of their alternative work schedule/assignment, the employee may make an appointment with their supervisor to secure any critical personal items from their work areas. During this time all areas of the College will be sanitized and refrigerators emptied to ensure a sanitary work environment. 

Hourly Employees
Hourly employees will not return to work on March 23. Supervisors will determine hourly work schedules/assignments. You will receive notification of your schedule/assignment via email. Hourly employees will be able to make-up hours or be reassigned tasks or hours, where possible, to maintain their usual schedule. The supervisor is responsible for determining the schedule of hourly employees. 

Compensation, Leave and Payroll
The College is committed to provide employees with their regular compensation during this time.  However, employees are expected to maintain a schedule of work hours and must be available for work. Employees who work remotely must be responsive to calls, texts, and instant messages within one hour of contact; review and respond to emails, communicate with their supervisor; work with other employees on work assignments and projects, as needed, and be available for regular check-ins with management.

Payroll will be processed according to our regular distribution schedule. Payroll will communicate details for entering time for the coming weeks. If an employee is not available for work, the employee must use their sick, personal, or vacation leave in accordance with ACC policies. Overtime will be minimized and must be authorized by the immediate supervisor.

All hiring activities will be suspended until further notice. Faculty hiring committees will continue to operate by WebEx. 

ADA Accommodations
If you currently have an ADA accommodation and need assistance transitioning to work remotely, contact Alisol Martinez, [email protected].

As spring break concludes, we want to provide guidelines to address employees who recently traveled. These guidelines apply to the following:

  • An employee who traveled internationally and displays no current symptoms;
  • An employee who traveled internationally and displays COVID-19 symptoms;
  • An employee who returned from parts of the US with community transmission of COVID-19; or
  • An employee who is ill and has symptoms of the COVID-19 due to possible contact.

If you fall into one of these categories, please do not come to work. Immediately contact your supervisor via email and self-report by filling out the College’s online Travel/Illness Self-Reporting Form found on the ACC Coronavirus Information website. Supervisors will discuss with the employee their situation, travel dates, and length of 14-day quarantine. Supervisors should consult with Michael Garcia, [email protected]

ACC may also require documentation from a healthcare provider or documentation verifying the 14-day self-quarantine prior to your return to work. This applies to both college-sponsored and personal travel.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to regularly check the CDC’s COVID-19 travel website and the ACC COVID-19 webpage for the latest information

We appreciate the dedication and support of our employees during this challenging time, and we will continue to make decisions in the best interest of our students and employees.

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