COVID-19 Decision-making Process

The following is the Austin Community College District’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Informed Decision-Making Process as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Messages disseminated from the chancellor reflect official college decisions, policies, and procedures related to the emergency situation. 

  • Receives information from: Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Cabinet, and employee and student associations.
  • Disseminates information to: Entire ACC community via mass communication (website, mass email, video message, ACCTV) or by cascading directives down through direct reports.

Emergency Operations Center Team

The EOC team is a permanent standing committee that convenes during emergencies and periods of major operational disruption. The EOC is the primary avenue where new information about campus disruptions is received, considered, and escalated to the Chancellor for final consideration, action, and dissemination to the broad college community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the EOC established — and routinely engages with — a temporary Return to Campus Advisory Committee (RTCAC) to work through current issues, learn of new issues, gain feedback, and review messages in an effort to increase awareness and mitigate COVID-19 disruptions.

EOC Team

  • Chair: EVC Campus Operations and Public Affairs (Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm),
  • Provost & EVC Academic Affairs (Dr. Charles Cook),
  • EVC Finance & Administration (Neil Vickers),
  • VC Safety & Operations (Dr. Wayne Maines),
  • VC Human Resources (Gerry Tucker),
  • VC Student Affairs (Dr. Shasta Buchanan),
  • VC Planning/Dev/Eval (Dr. Mary Harris),
  • VC Communications & Marketing (Brette Lea),
  • VC Instruction (Mike Midgley),
  • VC Information Technology (Neil Vickers, interim),
  • AVC Community & Public Affairs (Chris Cervini),
  • ED Quality Control and Project Mgmt. (Sharrion Jenkins),
  • ED Environmental Health & Safety (Dr. Michael Garcia)

Information Flow To/From

  • Local external partners (Big 5 government/institutional partners)
  • State agencies (THECB, DSHS, Governor’s Office, Legislature)
  • National agencies (CDC, DHS, Department of Ed, etc.)
  • Other partners (TACC, Texas community colleges, AACC)
  • Return to Campus Advisory Committee (RTCAC)
  • EOC direct reports
  • Working teams composed of subject matter experts and key stakeholders
  • Employee and student organizations

Disseminating Information

  • Information from EOC goes to RTCAC for review and feedback
  • Final recommendations are sent to the chancellor for consideration and communication
  • Subject matter experts share detailed information on information relating to key areas: Human Resources, Safety & Operations, Instruction, Student Services, IT, etc.

Return to Campus Advisory Committee (RTCAC)

The Return to Campus Advisory Committee (RTCAC) is a temporary group established specifically to consider issues related to the needs of students, faculty, and staff as the college contemplates a safe return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the RTCAC is to serve as an additional pathway of information to the EOC. The EOC will present protocols and procedures to the RTCAC for consideration and discussion before presenting those plans to the Chancellor for broad dissemination. Likewise, the RTCAC will identify issues happening at the campus/student/instructional level and escalate those issues to the EOC for consideration.

The overlap between the EOC and RTCAC membership is purposeful to ensure that issues raised at the RTCAC level are fully explored at the EOC and vice-versa.

Return to Campus Advisory Committee

  • Chair: VC Safety & Operations (Dr. Wayne Maines)
  • VC Human Resources (Gerry Tucker)
  • VC Instruction (Mike Midgley)
  • VC Communications & Marketing (Brette Lea)
  • AVC Student Affairs (Dr. Ruth Reignhart)
  • AVC Community & Public Affairs (Chris Cervini) 
  • Dean Library Services (Dr. Julie Todaro)
  • President APTE (Dr. Lauren Sebel)
  • President CEA (Miguel DeLeon)
  • President Faculty Senate (Dr. Samantha Croft)
  • President AFA (Don Morris)
  • ED Quality Control/Safety & Operations (Sharrion Jenkins)
  • ED Environmental Health & Safety (Dr. Michael Garcia)

Receives information from:

  • EOC
  • Their individual constituencies

Disseminates information to:

  • EOC
  • Their individual constituencies

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