Return to Campus Advisory Committee

The Return to Campus Advisory Committee (RTCAC) is a temporary group established by the Emergency Operations Center Team (EOC) to specifically consider issues related to the needs of students, faculty, and staff as the college contemplates a safe return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The purpose of the RTCAC is to serve as an additional pathway of information to the EOC. The EOC will present recommended protocols and procedures to the RTCAC for consideration and discussion before presenting those plans to the Chancellor for broad dissemination. Likewise, the RTCAC will identify issues happening at the campus/student/instructional level and escalate those issues to the EOC for consideration.


The RTCAC includes a cross-section of college leadership and employee association representation in order to ensure all aspects of college operations are considered.

  • Chris Cervini, Associate Vice Chancellor of Community & Public Affairs
  • Dr. Samantha Croft, Professor of Biology (Full-time Faculty Senate)
  • Miguel DeLeon, Teaching & Learning Excellence Executive Assistant, (Classified Employee Association)
  • Mike Garcia, Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Sharrion Jenkins, Executive Director of Campus Operations Quality Control & Project Management 
  • Brette Lea, Vice Chancellor of Communications & Marketing
  • Dr. Wayne M. Maines, Vice Chancellor of Safety & Operations
  • Michael Midgley, Vice Chancellor of Instruction
  • Don Morris, Professor of General Studies & Student Development (Adjunct Faculty Association)
  • Dr. Ruth Reinhart, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Support Services
  • Dr. Lauren Sebel, Director of Student Accessibility Services (Association of Professional-Technical Employees)
  • Dr. Julie Todaro, Dean of Library Services
  • Gerry Tucker, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

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