Questions about our program? Scroll through our FAQs below.

    How do you enroll at ACC?

    Learn more about how to apply to ACC.

    What prerequisites are there for creative writing classes?

    All of our creative writing classes have one—and only one—prerequisite: Composition I (ENGL 1301) or a high school equivalent. Once you’ve completed Composition I, all of the creative writing classes we offer are open to you!

    Do you offer Continuing Education classes?

    Yes! In fact, all of our classes have open seats for students who are continuing their education. Click here for more information on how to register as Continuing Ed.

    Continuing Education vs For Credit?

    The course and content is the same whether you’re taking a class For Credit or as Continuing Education. The difference is, if you take a course as Continuing Education, you will not receive a grade in the class and the credit is not transferable. There is also a small price difference of $5.

    Cost of classes?

    Here you will find information on ACC’s class tuition. All of our classes count as 3 Credit Hours. If the cost of tuition is a concern, check out our Creative Writing Scholarships.

    Still don’t have the answer to your question? You can contact our administrative assistant, Sam Carrillo, at (512) 223-7967 or [email protected]