Prospective Students

Joining a Culinary or Pastry Program

The Culinary Arts Department offers in-depth programs that allow students to accomplish their culinary goals. We invite prospective students to review our website and programs. If additional information is needed, contact the Culinary Arts Department.

Once you have determined which Culinary Arts program is right for you, it’s time to become an ACC student. Follow the steps below. Culinary classes are not open to general registration and you will need to follow the process below to register for classes.

*Due to the high volume of students attempting to register and limited seating, please pay careful attention to this process in order to avoid any discrepancies and expedite your registration.  


STEP 1: Getting Started

Get ready to take credit classes at ACC. If you have graduated from high school or have a GED, then you are ready to get started taking credit classes at ACC. Please review the Admissions: Austin Community College District web page for the step by step process for all students new to ACC. We recommend meeting with an Academic Advisor to ensure your major is up-to-date and that you are TSI complete before meeting with a Culinary Advisor.


If you are a current or former ACC student, you will need to meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure your record is in good standing and to ensure your major is up-to-date . Then continue to Step 2.


Completion times for Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts degrees are as follows:

Associates of Applies Science in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry = 2-Years*

Certificate in Culinary Arts or Pastry Arts = 1-Year*

*In Full-Time Status


To proceed to Step 2, you need to attend the Culinary, Hospitality, & Tourism Area of Study Information Session.


STEP 2: Culinary Advising

Get classes unlocked. Culinary courses are not available for general registration and are locked. Advising allows us to ensure that there are enough seats available to students within our programs. Students will need to submit a Student Petition and a current Food Handler Certificate to have culinary courses unlocked for registration.


Once you have the necessary paperwork, contact a Culinary Advisor to make an advising appointment.


STEP 3: Registration

Sign-up for classes. After you have met with a Culinary Advisor and have submitted all the necessary documents, you are ready for registration. If you have not reviewed the Course Schedule or Registration Eligibility Times, this is the time to plan your semester. Classes may fill quickly and being prepared will ensure you get the classes you need.


Tuition is based on your residential status. In addition to tuition, the college charges additional fees. Click here to see tuition rates and all fees.

STEP 4: Orientation

Get equipped. New Culinary and Pastry students (and Hospitality students registering for CHEF 1301 Basic Food Preparation) are required to attend the Culinary Arts Orientation. You will learn about uniform, tools, Code of Conduct, and helpful academic resources. Please see our Home page for the upcoming session.


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