The Engineering Technology department has received several grants that had fund curriculum development, equipment and scholarship.

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Electronics Grants 2008-2014


Pays for



Estimated Amount

Nanotechnology 2007-2008*********************** Student tuition, fees and books Internships  $4 million
ASU Energy Grant 2008-2009************************ Course Development Equipment Acq Student Project at ASU $92,157
Workforce Solutions-Renewable 2008-2009************************* Student tuition, fees, and books Internships Equipment Total $343, 137Department: $136,065
Workforce Solutions Biotech 2008-2009*********************** Student tuition, fees and books Internships $183,994
Cypress Semiconductor******************* Customized Training to train $30,000
Women in Green Jobs by U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau 2009-2010*************** to recruit women into renewable energy training programs To target new high school graduates, current ACC students, women using local workforce board and non-profit agency services, and members of green industry professional groups. ACC plans to develop a “Women in Green Jobs” website, place ads, use social networking tools, and explore “women only” CE classes $59,800
Grant Pays for Goal Objective Estimated Amount
Jet Grant, Comptroller’s Office01/08/10-03/31/11******************** To obtain equipment for the Lineworker Utility Facility at RVS This grant is a 50/50 match. Matching is combined with equipment donations, ACC staff time, and staff from different utility companies serving as advisory technology board members. Utility LineworkerEquipment $105,000.12
Department of Energy Grant (DOE)05/20/10-06/18/11*********************** To help develop several classes for the utility lineworker associate degree and to build awareness Provides funding to develop the curriculum for the following classes:Electrical Safety Codes, Climbins Skills, Power Transmission, Power Distribution, Switching and Metering, Smart Grids, Electrical Power Systems and Electromechanical Systems Curriculum development and Marketing $87,210.00
Grant Pays for Goal Objective Estimated Amount
SECO Grant 05/04/10-12/31/11************************** Funding for some of the Renewable Energy courses equipment Matching funds grant to supply equipment for several of the solar and wind courses. The matching comes from ACC staff and faculty. Renewable Equipment $343,277.49
NSF Award 07/01/11-06/30/12************************* Technical consultants, an evaluator, and travel expenses A proposed planning grant for an Advanced Technological Education Center (ATE) for technician education in energy-related areas. Planning Award $69,625.00
Perkins Grant2012-2013******************** Equipment for electronic courses and tutoring Provided funding for electronics equipment.The tutoring service is free of charge to students. Equipment and tutoring $107,000.00
Perkins Grant2013-2014******************** Funding equipment for electronics, lineworker courses and tutoring Equipment will be used in the newly revised Lineworker course LNWK 1311. The skills learned in this program will prepare a student to work as a Lineworker in the power utilities industry. Tutoring services is free of charge to students. Equipment and tutoring $20,500.39