How to Take ESOL Classes

Choose your enrollment pathway

You can attend ESOL classes as a credit or noncredit (Continuing Education) student. The enrollment pathway you choose determines the steps you take to enroll and how much you pay.

Choose the English program and enrollment pathway that matches your needs. See chart

Once you select an enrollment path, click the button below for instructions.

Credit student pathway

Follow the International Admission Steps unless you meet one of the exceptions below:

  • A U.S. citizen.
  • An undocumented student granted Texas residency under Senate Bill 1528.
  • A permanent or conditional resident (“green card” or I-551).
  • An asylee, refugee, parolee, or an individual with temporary protective status.

If you are an exception, use these credit enrollment steps:

Noncredit/Continuing Education pathway

Complete the Noncredit- Continuing Education Student Steps

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