Overview of Courses Offered

The Intensive English Program includes four core classes and one elective, meeting for two months per level.  Students are required to enroll for the complete, full-time program.

  • After students take the ESOL Placement test, they will be registered into Level 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Each core class includes Lab time for extra practice. (Please note that our program is not intended for true English language beginners; our lowest level assumes basic background and fluency.)
  • Each level includes Reading/Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Listening/Speaking.
  • Students who finish the IEP program mid-semester or who need further study, may take the Bridge program, which includes a credit course as well as IEP language courses.
  • The Bridge program consists of one ACC course (for example: EDUC 1300, SPCH 1311, or ENGL 1301) for 8 weeks and four language supplement courses (NCBE):  Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening/Speaking.  Each NCBE course meets for 2 hours, with an additional 2 hour lab requirement.
  • New students who place higher than IEP level 4 on the ESOL Placement test will be placed into the Bridge Program.
  • The program is a Monday through Thursday program, meeting four days per week approximately 9:30-4:20 pm.  Labs are scheduled for Fridays.  The schedule is intense, but students will improve quickly!

Oral Communication

Students practice listening and speaking by participating in conversations, giving presentations, and taking notes on academic lectures.

Reading & Vocabulary

Students develop and practice reading comprehension skills, such as skimming and scanning, predicting, and understanding the main idea of a text.


Students learn to organize and write sentences, paragraphs and essays using effective grammar and organization.


Students develop a strong foundation in English grammar, applying skills in written and oral presentations.


IEP students may also take an elective course as part of their studies for an extra cost.  These include TOEFL language exam preparation or American Pronunciation.

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