Program Expectations

In order to receive the most benefit from the monthly interactive sessions, participants are encouraged to attend all sessions. However, circumstances do arise requiring an absence. In such instances, the participant is responsible for completing any pre- or post- work that has been assigned, as well as notifying the Leadership Academy facilitators in a timely manner prior to being absent. If you contact us early enough we may be able to arrange a recording of the session so that you don’t miss out on content — communication is key. If two (2) events are missed, the participant will be withdrawn from the program.

Kick-off Retreat
A three-day retreat will provide an orientation to the new participants selected for the ACC Leadership Academy. During the retreat participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to interact and have discussion with the ACC President/CEO
  • Receive an overview of the Leadership Academy objectives and monthly sessions
  • Participate in a leadership style analysis
  • Discuss anticipated personal and professional outcomes from participation in the program

Each participant will be assigned a mentor. Mentors will be selected from the ACC Administrative staff.  Mentor/participant matches will be based on the participants’ higher education area of interest and professional goals.  Participants and mentors will meet at least twice a semester, and will submit summaries of their meetings via Google Forms. Mentor guidebooks are provided to Leadership Academy participants at the beginning of the year to make their mentor experiences more productive.

Leadership Academy members will participate in an ACC project in their area of interest that will require 40 additional hours outside of regular work time.

Active Participation Required

  • Attend interactive full-day sessions from September to May, usually on Fridays
  • Attend one ACC Board meeting
  • Meet with a mentor at least twice per semester
  • Complete various development “homework” assignments
  • Participate in a college related project (including research & development, meetings with stake-holders, and a final proposal at the end of the year to the President/CEO – this will require at least 40 additional hours outside of regular work/academy time)

Find a full list of FY18 Leadership Academy institute dates here.

Questions? Contact or call 512-223-7216.

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