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Records Forms

Mentoring Forms

All new ACC faculty, both full-time and adjunct, must be assigned a mentor during their first semester at ACC. Any other faculty member may be assigned a mentor at the discretion of the Department Chairs or upon the request of the faculty member. (Administrative Rule# 4.01.015) For more info about mentoring go here.

Mentor Checklist
Mentee Checklist
DL Mentor Checklist
DL Mentee Checklist
Mentor Assignment Form
Optional Mentor Evaluation
Optional Mentee Evaluation
Teaching Observation Checklist 

Faculty Evaluation Forms

The purpose of the Faculty Evaluation Office is to provide a system for the appraisal, development and documentation of all faculty performance. While the Faculty Evaluation process use to run mainly in the fall, it now runs all year long. For an overview of the Faculty Evaluation process go here. (These links will be updated when the new eval site gets up.) To go to the home page of Faculty Evaluation go here.


Course Instructor Survey Instruments (CIS) – Copies of the Faculty Evaluation Assessment Instruments used in the classroom:
ONLYLec Form – Evaluation form for Lecture courses
Clinical Form – Evaluation form for Clinical instruction
Lecture/Lab Form – Evaluation form for Lecture/Lab courses


Observation Checklists
Classroom Observation Checklist (PDF)
Lab Observation Checklist (PDF)
Clinical Observation Checklist (PDF)


Portfolio/ Input Forms
Administrative Input Form (PDF) – This form allows input to departments regarding faculty performance. This form is optional.


NEW Evaluation Summary Forms
Evaluation Summary Form for Full-Time Faculty (PDF)
Evaluation Summary Form for Adjunct Faculty (PDF)
Faculty Input Form downloadable version (MS Word)
Faculty Input Form printable version (PDF)
Faculty Input Form information sheet (PDF)
Instructional Input Form (PDF)

Counselor Forms


Evaluation of Counseling Faculty – used to complete a self-evaluation
Workshop Facilitator’s Summary – used to summarize workshop data


Dean of Student Services
Evaluation of Counseling Faculty – used to evaluate counselor performance
Counseling Session – used to evaluate individual counseling session
Workshop Evaluation – used to evaluate counseling workshops or other sessions


Counseling Session – used to evaluate the counselor’s service
Workshop Evaluation – used to evaluate counseling workshops

Professional Development Report Forms