Each team was tasked with coming up with solutions to support and enhance our Student Success Initiative (SSI) Goals.  Upon completion of their projects, teams presented their ideas to the President, members of the Board and other leaders of the college.



Goal 1

Goal:  Student Retention

Solution:  Success Navigator

Success Navigator is a 30-minute online, nonproctored, and noncognitive assessment for incoming first year college students.  Can be used with or without academic markers (SAT scores, HS GPA, course placement test)

Three primary intended uses:

  • Identify likelihood of persistence to degree and academic success
  • Informing course placement acceleration decisions
  • Feedback for Advising, First Year Experience, etc.

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Goal 2 Screen Shot Goal: Increase Adult and Developmental Education Course Progression to Credit Courses


Solution: GPS – Guided Pathways to Success | A success ladder for students

Superior customer service to all students by an informed staff who conveys the message:

No matter why you came, you CAN stay and you SHOULD stay.

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Goal 3 Logo

Goal: Increase completion of all attempted courses with a ‘C’ or better.

Solution: Raise awareness and market Tutoring Services

  • Learning Labs
  • Smarthinking
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

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goal 4

Goal: Increase Graduation/Certificate Completion and Transfer Rates


1)Focus on our U.S. Military Veterans completion, graduation, and transfer rates.

2)Devise a strategy to implement the first steps in achieving the SSI Goal 4 objectives for our U.S. Military Veterans.


Goal 5Goal: Increase Success Equity Across All Racial/Ethnic/Gender/Income Groups


Solution: The ACC Resource Connection

  • ACC has amazing student support services and programs. In addition to what the college provides, students can also be referred to programs and services within the community
  • A one stop shop for all support services and resources available to ACC students
  • 24 hr access
  • Resource tab incorporated within Degree Map application

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