Did you miss the ACC Ed Talks on Spring Development Day 2016? Have no fear! We’ve recorded and captioned them for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to our usual 1.5 and 3 hour workshop sessions, we hosted six 10-12 minute ACC Ed Talks on the Highland Campus Social Staircase at Spring Development Day on January 15, 2016. These talks were meant to bring the ACC community bite-sized, cutting edge ideas for an inspiring 2016.

ACC Ed Talks (morning session)

What the $@#! Are These Kids Talking About?: Snapchat in the Classroom, Presented by Samantha Ackers

Who’s Our Daddy?, Presented by Zoe Irene VanSandt

ACC Ed Talks (afternoon session)

Soccer Hooligans, Martin Heidegger, and Revolution, Presented by Roy Casagranda

EMOTIONAL IQ: UP YOURS!, Presented by Miguel Barvosa

Ten Ways to Increase Energy and Vitality in 2016, Presented by Heather Hanson

Dear PowerPoint: It’s Not You, It’s Me, Presented by Herb Coleman