Studying a modern language within its living, breathing cultural context is arguably the optimal way to study a language. The learning process is greatly enhanced as you are completely immersed in hearing and seeing that language on a daily basis. International study provides an opportunity to experience and understand cultural nuances on an intimate level. There is the prospect of forging life-long friendships as well. Students who study abroad not only develop a more profound perspective of the world around them, they often come away with an expanded view of themselves.

Another incentive to study abroad is that the experience may yield added value to your degree and increase your marketability among potential employers. Being a study abroad student demonstrates you possess qualities of adaptability and independence as well as having a willingness to embrace diversity and challenges.

Studying abroad may very well be that defining moment in your education that will change your life forever. In a non-pandemic year, our Department of Foreign Languages typically offers study abroad opportunities to study Arabic in Jordan, German in Austria, Japanese in Kyoto, and Spanish in both Argentina/Uruguay and Oaxaca, Mexico. To learn what ACC Foreign Language courses are available for an international study opportunity post-Covid, please go to the ACC’s International Study Home Page and click on Program Offerings.


If you are interested in an international study opportunity, do not let your financial concerns rule out the possibility of going abroad before you’ve investigate all your options. Help is available! There are several types of financial aid packages out there including federal grants, state grants, loans, and more. Please visit ACC Financial Aid website or the Financial Aid Office on one of our campuses to learn more.


Scholarships are available for study abroad students! There are two primary options for students studying wishing to receive aid in the form of a scholarship for ACC international study programs: ACC Board of Trustees Study Abroad Scholarship and CAB funding. Deadlines do apply for scholarship applicants. For more info, please visit
Study Abroad Financial Aid and Scholarships.


Will I be abroad during the whole class? Will my credits transfer? Can I apply financial aid? For a list of answers to these and other frequently asked study abroad questions click here.