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ACC’s Creative Design Technologies is now
Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics!

Austin Community College’s Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics program is all about training students for the local and national job market. Our top-notch faculty is a who’s who of local talent, hardwired into the latest trends and eager to give you the real-world expertise and know-how that comes from years of experience in the business.

With degree and certificate programs designed by a committee of local digital industry pros, our program can prepare you to jump into the creative and rewarding fields of game development, animation, and motion graphics.

Come study with us and become part of our diverse community. We can help you reach your career goals with affordable, hands-on training. Classes are held at Northridge and Highland Campuses and include evening and distance learning courses. With small class sizes and one computer per student in digital classes, the Game Design, Game Art, 2D &, 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics department offers an outstanding and accessible educational experience. If you have any questions and would like a tour of our facilities, feel free to contact us.



What does a Technical Animator do?

The difference between a technical animator and the animator is the difference between the person who makes the doll, give’s it, it’s joints and how it actually works, and the person that moves the doll and makes it seem life-like. The technical animator’s job is to...

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What does a Character Rigger do?

Character riggers are experts at manipulating the geometry of characters in their interaction with environments. Character riggers accomplish this through a thorough understanding of physics and anatomy, operating systems such as UNIX, and software such as Autodesk...

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