POFT 1171

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POFT 1171 College to Career Success

This course is ideal for entering and continuing students who are not yet clear on their major, those who would like to explore potential occupations and career options, or those who want to initiate a job search process.

Find it in the ACC Online Schedule under Student Development

For more information, contact:
Ross Oliver (512) 223-9282 roliver@austincc.edu or
Tobin Quereau (512) 223-3391 quereau@austincc.edu

EDUC 1300

All first-time at ACC students with fewer than 12 semester hours of successful college credit must take the course in their first semester at ACC.

General Studies students, and all other students with 12 or more semester hours have the option of choosing EDUC 1300 or a Speech course from the Component Area Option (090) of the Core Curriculum List.

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