SDEV 0111

SDEV 0111 Flyer
SDEV 0111 Flyer

SDEV 0111 Transition to College Success

The Transition course is a developmental level one-credit/1 lab hour course generally taught over an 8-week sessions and available on all campuses at a variety of times. It is mandated for incoming first-time college students who have experienced difficulty in passing two or more of the assessment tests at a college-level. Students are placed in this course by counselors during the registration process. Other students may join the class as space permits.

Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to facilitate students’ transition into and success at Austin Community College.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide students with an orientation to the college experience, ACC, and the course itself.
  • To assess students’ current expectations, motivation, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • To assist students in setting effective academic, personal, and career goals.
  • To insure students are familiar with college support services and resources.
  • To increase students’ skills in self-management for successful outcomes.

To introduce essential learning and study skills for college-level work. Course Structure and Process: This course includes the following learning strategies: mini-lectures, individual application exercises, and both small and large group activities. In a relaxed, interactive environment. Key aspects of the transition into college will be explored along with self-management skills such as self-assessment, goal setting, time management, and effective use of resources. Effective study skills in the areas of listening and note-taking, reading, writing test preparation and test-taking will also be addressed.

Find SDEV 0111 sections under Student Development in the ACC Online Schedule.

EDUC 1300

All first-time at ACC students with fewer than 12 semester hours of successful college credit must take the course in their first semester at ACC.

General Studies students, and all other students with 12 or more semester hours have the option of choosing EDUC 1300 or a Speech course from the Component Area Option (090) of the Core Curriculum List.

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