Student Development Courses – Essential Elements

Student Development courses focus on a broad range of knowledge, skills, mindsets, and behaviors that support the learning and success of our students in school and in life. While not all of these elements may be covered in each course, this grid of key topics is intended to reflect an overall framework within which each course is developed.

Essential Elements of Student Development Courses

We welcome feedback and suggestions in response to this model which can help us continually improve our approach to teaching and supporting our students.

Outcomes for Successful Learners

Successful learners, to the best of their abilities:

  1. Are aware of themselves as learners: their attitudes, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and habits, etc.
  1. Transition into and navigate the college environment/culture successfully
  1. Approach tasks with a “growth mindset”: with interest, curiosity, confidence, willingness to take risks, learn, and change
  1. Manage their attention, attitudes, beliefs, choices, time, actions, habits, health, motivation, and stress in balanced, productive ways
  1. Attend classes and personal study sessions consistently, initiate tasks proactively, and complete them on time
  1. Set and pursue appropriate, relevant, and effective short and long term goals
  1. Meet challenges with sufficient, mindful, and persistent effort
  1. Apply systematic critical and creative thinking strategies and practices that result in deeper and more lasting levels of understanding and learning.
  1. Interact effectively with other students, faculty, staff, and support services, seeking help as needed to accomplish their goals
  1. Recognize the connection between their college experience and their future career and life goals and pursue an effective path to accomplish them.


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