Welcome to the Guided Pathways Program Maps website. On this site, you can submit updates to an existing Guided Pathways Program Map as well as learn the process for developing a new program map and/or revising a current program map (See Program Maps Process).

The primary source for a program map is the catalog award plan. As of catalog 2019-2020, all program maps are generated fully online in the Curriculum Management System (CMS).

If developing a new program map, please review the Guidelines. New award plans must first be approved by the Curriculum and Programs Committee, and any other applicable approvals (Board of Trustees, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges), before the corresponding program map can be added to the Area of Study (AoS) program maps page.

After an award plan has been approved, it will first be entered into the Curriculum Management System (CMS) and then into the Ellucian Colleague degree audit system. The corresponding program map is automatically generated based on the award plan information entered into both of these systems. All program maps for catalog 2019-20 are fully online.

Once a program map has been approved, any additional revisions to the department name, award plan title, award type, course information/credit hours, and prerequisite/corequisite courses must first be approved by the Curriculum & Programs Committee before the award plan/program map can be updated because those changes affect the catalog. For any questions, please contact Georgia Branch,

To view the most current version of an existing program map, please visit the 2019-20 College Credit Catalog Program Map list in CMS. Current catalog program maps are also accessible via AoS Advising Program Maps page.

For questions about the program maps process, please contact:

Georgia Branch
Phone: 512-223-7091