In August 2015, 24 ACC faculty, staff, and students were selected to explore how the college might structure its programs and services into “guided pathways” to help more students finish college on time, prepared for employment, career advancement, or university transfer.

The goals of Program Mapping are to:

  1. Identify a course sequence that effectively introduces and offers students opportunities to master student learning outcomes (SLOs) and clearly demonstrates progress towards an award.
  2. Determine default common electives that best align with program competencies and SLOs across an Area of Study and meet transfer program requirements.
  3. Develop common semesters across Areas of Study Programs incorporating, as appropriate, opportunities for experiential learning (co-ops, internships, service learning, etc.)
  4. Ensure program student learning outcomes (SLOs) effectively prepare students for job entry/career opportunities or transfer into a baccalaureate program.
  5. Outline a viable set of college-credit, continuing education, and developmental education stackable credentials, if appropriate, in the form of degrees, certificates, and marketable skills achiever (MSA) awards.
  6. Programs incorporate as appropriate industry certifications.

Area of Study Report

Area of Study Report

EMSI ACC Transfer Mapping

EMSI ACC Transfer Mapping – XLS

    1. Tab One includes the current, expanded list of occupations cross-walked to ACC programs for Career Coach – this one should be verified by the Department Chair. If Chairs feel an occupation does not apply, shade in red and it will be removed. If Chairs feel a potential occupation should be added from list in Tab Three, add in blue to this list and it will be added. Return the list to VP Mike Midgley within one week.
    2. Tab Two includes a prior, limited list of occupations cross-walked to ACC programs for Career Coach – ignore this.
    3. Tab Three includes a list of all potential occupations that could be cross-walked to ACC programs for Career Coach – use to add any additional occupations to Tab One list.
DepartmentDateTimeCampusRoom No.
All Departments Mapping SessionOctober 21, 201611 am - 12 pmHBC201 with additional breakout rooms
Developmental ProgramsApril 15, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8500
Education, Services
Public Services
April 8, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8111
Liberal ArtsApril 1, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8111
Arts Digital Media (ADM)
March 25, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8500
Computer Science
Information Technology (IT)
March 11 20169 am - 1 pmHLC2210
Science, Engineering and MathematicsMarch 4, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8500
Design Manufacturing Construction (DMC)
Applied Technology
February 19, 20169 am - 1 pmHBC301.0
Business Studies
Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management, Meeting & Event Planning and Travel & Tourism
February 12, 20169 am - 1 pmHLC2208
Health SciencesJanuary 15, 20169 am - 1 pmEVC8500