HART Curriculum Overview

The courses in the Austin Community College Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology program are taught in building block fashion –  the materials and training you received in the first course will be used in the following course. What you learned in the first two courses will be used in the third course, and so on.

This builds a strong foundation in the HVACR career path.

Introductory courses

The first three courses in the curriculum are the introductory courses – these courses form the foundation, consisting of the

  • general basics in electricity
  • physics of refrigerant
  • temperature/pressure relationship
  • fundamental troubleshooting skills

These intro courses are the prerequisites to the other courses offered in the HART curriculum and should be taken in the proper sequence. Students may register for HART 1401 Basic Electricity for HVAC and take HART 1407 Refrigeration Principles simultaneously as they are cover two different subjects.

*** Important ***

It is very strongly recommended that students complete HART 1401 Basic Electricity for HVAC before registering for HART 1403 Air Conditioning Principles.


All equipment and tools are provided with one exception. Students must provide their own digital volt ohmmeter (pictured below).

student provided volt ohmeter
student provided volt ohmmeter


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