HART 2441 – Commercial Air Conditioning

students using gauges on compressors and braising copper tubes

Prerequisite: HART 2431 Advanced Electricity for HVAC

The Commercial Air Conditioning class introduces the student to the application and installation of air conditioning systems with capacities of 25 tons or less.

The equipment used in this class includes 5 ton roof top systems with both electric and gas heat. The gas heat roof top unit also includes the economizer.

In addition to the above, students get hands-on experience with a roof top Carrier 10 ton unit and a 20 ton Lennox roof top system with DC ramp type thermostat control.

The guidelines for the installation of roof top units and filtration requirements are emphasized, along with the replacement procedures in the event of a “burnout”.

Students learn about three phase motors and magnetic starters, along with the Delta and Wye wiring configurations of a electric motor.

This course is generally offered in the Fall Semester, but is offered more frequently when it is in the best interest of the students nearing graduation.

Students working on lab exercises


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